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Las Vegas Bed Bug Dogs - Why 3rd Party Bed Bug Dog Certification is Important to You
Always verify credentials.
Posted At: February 29, 2012 12:00 AM |

Las Vegas Pest Control and Las Vegas Bed Bug Dogs.
Why 3rd Party Bed Bug Dog Certification is Important to You.

A great bed bug detection team is about the results that it delivers. For the highest quality canine bed bug inspection program the owner must implement a total quality management approach to detection. This involves highly trained and knowledgeable handlers, demanding bed bug training exercises, third party double blind certifications, andvisually confirming alerts. These standards will ensure that the bed bug detection canine company maintains a stellar reputation.
  Any company can claim or state online that they have certified bed bug dogs.  It is important to verify credentials.

K-9 Sweeps Las Vegas bug bug dog canine teams are a part of this rigorous protocol and certified through the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO). The WDDO is renowned for its leadership and standards for certification of not only bed bug detection canine teams but also drug, explosive, termite, mold and arson detection canine teams. The WDDO is one of the three certifying organizations that is recognized and endorsed by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) as meeting the highest standards or above for bed bug scent detection teams.

K-9 Sweeps uses canines that were purchased from academies that have no relationship with the WDDO. This insures that passing certification is not because we purchased or will purchase k-9’s from an academy associated with the certifying body.

Thanks for the kind words Jared. It was our pleasure to help you!
I used a different Las Vegas Pest Control company first, they failed. I later found out they were not even licensed. I highly recommend you use K-9 Sweeps. They know what they are saying when talking about bed bugs bugs and they proved it!


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